Avatar Toolkit: Monster Workshop – released

iClone 5‘s new Avatar Toolkit: Monster Workshop has arrived on the main Content Store. Includes a bunch of Spore-like creature components, to swop and mix at the whim of your inner Mad Scientist, to build a unique monster for animation.

Puppeteering of your Monster Workshop creatures requires the iClone Avatar Toolkit plugin, a plugin that controls all the unconventional monster-ish bits of the creatures (like fins, spikes, tails, horns etc). Although I’m unclear if the Avatar Toolkit is actually included in Monster Workshop? The Avatar Toolkit isn’t named in the “What’s included:” bit of the Monster Workshop specs page. And yet the Reallusion store currently says… “Avatar Toolkit is coming”. Confusing. But then… I guess it would seem rather odd to release the Monster Workshop, if it requires a plugin that hasn’t yet been released? It seems, judging from an official tutorial video, that the Avatar Toolkit control panel is included.

There are also three Monster Motion expansion packs (currently $60), containing 130 monster motions.