Aiko and Hiro for iClone

Interesting new content on the Reallusion store, Aiko and Hiro official ported from DAZ to iClone, with complete rigging. And presumably with poly-reduction and a reduction on the massive DAZ texture sizes, to keep them speedy in iClone.

Manga Studio Ex 4 for less than $30

Those integrating iClone and DAZ with comics making might be interested in one of the best Black Friday deals I’ve yet seen. The comics production software Manga Studio Ex 4 for less than $30, but only for Friday. “Ex” is the best Pro version of the software, and is about three years old now. I’d presume that this offer is to get people onto the on-ramp for a forthcoming Manga Studio Ex 5?

Manga Studio Ex also ships with the best range and quality of black ink brushes in the business, so if you were interested in getting a good ‘digital’ drawing tool to make content for CrazyTalk Animator, this might be it.

Note that you need to get the email offer via the Smith Micro mailing-list, it may not show up on the product page.

Fairies & Wizards for CTA

Another very professional-looking toon pack from Kurzal, for CrazyTalk Animator: “Fairies & Wizards”. Available on the Reallusion Marketplace.

And I just spotted he had a “Funny Helloween Characters” pack out for Halloween. Sorry to miss that, and not to be able to promote it here before Halloween. But I’ve just bought it anyway, just to get his superb ghosts.

The ghosts are excellent, with real character, and they have full facial animation and movement…

Reallusion’s big content sale starts

The big seasonal Reallusion Store sale is on, now. I think the most interesting offers that I spotted were these two…

The excellent sci-fi robots and machines packs for just $60…

And a nice useful set of packs for anyone wanting to do a regular “virtual news-room”…

Scroll all the way down the foot of the 2012 Christmas Content page, on the Content Store, to find a coupon code that gives you 30% off… “all standalone content packs” on the Reallusion Content Store. This includes CrazyTalk Animator standalone packs.

Ricky Grove reviews Lumion 2.5

Renderosity‘s Ricky Grove has a new review of Lumion 2.5, in advance of the imminent Lumion 3.0 release. Lumion is a genuinely real-time landscape and architectural software. One which has the potential to be a viable replacement for creaky old-school landscapers such as Vue and Bryce.

“One of the best features of Lumion is how easy it is to use.” […] “And the output is beautiful. Lumion’s second best feature is the fact that the rendering engine is gorgeous.”

Makehuman 1.0

The free open source Makehuman 1.0 is here, if only in an alpha 7 version. Output models are now under a straight Creative Commons license, and so don’t even require attribution…

“The license has changed in order to provide maximum freedom for artists. All output data is now licensed under CC0.”