Lovely bit of seasonal 3D art from the latest issue (#47) of 3D Artist magazine…

Talking of glows… in iClone, it’s really easy easy to get things glowing (in contrast to both Poser and DAZ, where it’s a pain). But:— how to get a glow effect to ‘spill’ into the air a fair way beyond the edges of the glowing object? I’ve taken a casual look for a solution, but I’m guessing it’s impossible since it would horribly bog down the real-time rendering. And as iClone’s glows don’t shine through props or planes, you can’t just stack some glowing ‘10% opacity’ primitives on top of your base glowing prop, to fake the wide spillover effect. Is there a workaround, that doesn’t involve covering the whole scene with bloom? Or having to do something fiddly with single spotlight positioning?

One thought on “Glows

  1. One possible solution – for something simple like the glowing box above – might be to glow-map a donut primitive, which has a hole in the centre. Then position it where you want the ‘spillover glow’ to be, and take the donut’s opacity down to 10% or less. Even then, it could be tricky to not to obscure the central glowing part with the donut, and thus make the overall glow look clunky and unconvincing.

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