Lumion 3.0 – new features video

It’s the Lumion 3.0 new features drool-a-thon video!


6 thoughts on “Lumion 3.0 – new features video

  1. Incredible software. It’s on my “If I were rich…” list. So tell me, would 3D content created in Lumion be easily imported into iClone?

  2. You wouldn’t go the model/landscape import route at all. You’d use a green-screen workflow. iClone has excellent adjunct tools (like popVideo) for creative alpha-channeled (“cut out”) video, which can then be seamlessly composited (“pasted over”) the Lumion footage in video editing software. If you’re familiar with Photoshop’s layers, it’s the same sort of process.

    • So I couldn’t create a character in iClone and have it dive into a pool I created in Lumion for instance?

  3. Yes, you’d create three videos: the character diving and vanishing behind a green-screen plane that’s in the place of the pool’s surface. A rising water splash (maybe some ripples too). And the Lumion pool. Then you’d composite them all together, just like you would when using layers with Photoshop.

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