Favorite movies of 2012

My favorite animated features of 2012…

1. Rise of the Guardians (Disney)

2. Frankenweenie (Tim Burton/Disney)

3. Secret World of Arrietty (British dub) (Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli)

4. From Up on Poppy Hill (Miyazaki Jr./Studio Ghibli)

5. Zambezia (Triggerfish)

6. The Pirates! (Aardman)

7. Brave (Disney)

2012 genre movies I’d watch again…

1. Cloud Atlas (You’ll probably be confused as hell the first time, but keep at it. Ideally three viewings are needed to even start to ‘get’ it).

2. Skyfall.

3. Prometheus (But you need the extended ‘fan edit’, and ideally two viewings, to ‘get’ it)

4. The Avengers (But it works best after you’ve seen the super-extended chronological ‘fan edit’ of all the Marvel movies that led up to it).

5. Solomon Kane (Choppy in several places – director’s cut or fan-edit needed with new voiceover links – but deliciously and darkly faithful to R.E. Howard’s fiction)

6. Expendables 2 (2012’s best dose of Politically Incorrect Big Dumb Exploding Fun)

Honorable mentions: Looper; Paranorman; Tad, the Lost Explorer. Enjoyed ’em, wouldn’t watch them again.

Can’t even remember now: Amazing Spiderman; Dark Knight Rises; Total Recall; Battleship.

Genre movies not yet seen: Dredd; The Hobbit; Moonrise Kingdom; Atlas Shrugged 2; Life of Pi.

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