Element 3D

There’s a new real-time plugin for Adobe After Effects (Adobe’s motion graphics and FX flagship software) that uses OpenGL and OBJs. The 3D World magazine review of version 1.0 found Element 3D workable but a bit rough around the edges, and it seems you have to retexture your all objects by hand once they are imported (ugh!). But Element 3D 1.5 now has a…

“Real-Time Glow engine that allows you to add glow directly to illuminated materials or even image highlights. It’s extremely fast and offers even more realistic results than just using the standard Glow Plug-in.”

Real-time OpenGL shadows are also promised for a future release…

“Creating OpenGL shadows is not a trivial thing but we are experimenting with several innovative & hybrid solutions.”

YouTube webseries

A nice short introduction to writing Web series from one of the pioneers, as a free podcast. YouTube may be a bit of a sprawling mess, but I’m not sure I like the idea of the rush to “TV-ize” it. When you think of it, the bulk of YouTube starts to make historical sense when you understand it simply as a revival of the old music hall “specialist acts” and the end-of-the-pier “variety” shows — the wild and whacky performing animals, clowns and comedians, slapstick, dancers, magicians, singers, jugglers and tumblers, puppetry (machinima), etc that we thought we’d lost. They’re all there, in a new digital form.

[ Hat-tip: Wolf & Dulci ]