What is this blog? This is my WordPress blog about the animation software iClone 4 & 5, the visuals and storytelling that can be made using it, and the new wave of “anymation”. My blog gives you news, freebies, free training, informed comment, videos, and much more.

About your editor: The blog is written and edited by someone who has been into 3D CG software such as Poser and Photoshop since the mid 1990s, and has built up a strong store of experience and knowledge.

What is iClone? If you’re new here, you may be wondering exactly “what is iClone”? iClone is affordable animation software that:

* works real-time — “what you see is what you get”
* makes royalty-free films and stills
* is very well documented with tutorials and help
* is supported by friendly fans, about as many woman as men
* gets out of the way of your creativity
* can depict any set or model or character your can devise
* has a huge content library for, if you want it
* can easily convert millions of free models
* is packed with drag & drop presets and animations
* makes self-contained portable project files — no stray textures!
* has no monthly subscription, no recurring charges, no lock-ins.
* is actively and passionately developed

Mmmm, shiny!

Mmmm, even more shiny!

What other software does this blog cover? This blog will also occasionally cover CrazyTalk Animator, Muvizu, SketchUp, Lumion, animation in games, free creative commons assets and open software, and indie animation, and any other fab cool stuff I find.

There has been some coverage of DAZ 3D Studio and DAZ Carrara in the past, but I now cover DAZ Studio and its content regularly over on my other blog. That’s where you’ll now find most of the Poser/DAZ stuff.

Enjoy! If you have any questions about iClone or similar software, please just ask and I’ll do my best to answer!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a great and much needed site.

    I really appreciate the effort you put into it, and I visit on numerous occasions each day.

    It is a godsend for iClone users.

  2. Your blog is full of useful info, and sometimes expands upon tips that I might not have focused on otherwise. Keep up the great work !

  3. I am so happy to see your blog. You have the best information for the many people who love animation.

    Thanks you so much!!

    Johnnie Chen

  4. Reading the comments here, it’s great to see the rest of iClone community as enthusiastic about this blog as I am. I think what we like most is how you push the envelope to explore new opportunities just beyond the confines of iClone itself. I liked the “normal” blog template better than the artsy one, but if you enjoy the difference, more power to you.

  5. Thank you for the work that you put into this site, I personally appreciate it and look forward to my many visits. Please keep up the good work.

  6. My god, this is the most wonderful and useful blog I ever saw. Today I spent all day reading stuff. You have new fan, the every-morning-reading kind.

    Thank you.

  7. Excellent blog and really informative.

    I think I must have read every one of those magazines and got the cover discs too, that’s how I discovered Poser and iClone 1.5. Life has changed ever since.

    Remember the Amiga, my first venture into 3D was on that with another giveaway disc version of Imagine (great program and machine for the day)

    I am learning much from your blog. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    As a journalist for Germany’s most sucessful PC magazine, I would like to use some of your unique contents for our enclosed DVD.

    Please reply soon to my email address, if you’re interested in a collaboration. 🙂

    Best regards,


  9. Un blog muy bien realizado y muy completo, los amantes de ICLONE estamos de enhorabuena con esta información, gracias por tenerlo actualizado.

    A blog very well done and very complete, iClone lovers are in luck with this information, thanks for keeping it updated.

  10. Hello Creator of MyClone.

    I am a speech therapist living in Dublin, Ireland, looking for someone with expertise in CrazyTalk Pro to give me a crash course (paid of course!). I have looked at the tutorials online but would prefer someone to help me with a few specific queries I have. Can you recommend somebody please? I only require basic 2D animation and someone with patience!

    Many thanks, Marinet

  11. HI
    it’s really excellent blog and really informative
    i like to share this video i made it of the song of the call for the Celtic Women plzzz watch and tell me ur opinions about it 🙂

  12. I wonder if you can help me. I am trying to do a scene of a spaceship (which I designed on Google SketchUp) moving through space. I want the portholes on it to glow. They won’t glow. I seem to be able to get most things to glow, but not the portholes. The model of the ship is made up of several different parts attached together in iClone. Some parts I can make glow. The portholes will not glow at all. Other parts are strange in that bits of them will glow but not other bits, for example I have one part which is the periscope, and if I select the periscope prop, add a glow map to it and slide up the glow intensity, the base of the periscope glows but the rest does not. I’ve tried playing with glossiness and specularity, but these seem to make no difference. The portholes are “components” in SketchUp, and the particular part of them I want to glow (the central glass bit, not the surrounding frame) can be isolated if necessary.

    I’ve also noticed something odd about glowing things and transparent things. A bright-glowing mantle inside a glass globe which has low opacity (to create the look of a old-fashioned gas-light) does not work, because the glow does not show through the glass. Is there a way to make the glow of glowing things visible through transparent things?

  13. Glow can be tricky in iClone. First, it won’t show up at all in some render modes. Then, if you have anything in front of it – between the glowing object and the camera – then the glow won’t appear either.

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