DONATE: Alice’s Theater

~ Alice in Wonderland Toy Theatre ~ My traditional Victorian-era paper theater, as an iClone project file with extras.

Donate $3 via PayPal, and the theatre is yours as a thank you!

Delivered via download link to an 18Mb .zip file.

One carefully constructed and textured iClone 4.0 project file. Containing an authentic Victorian-era paper theatre. Working “character on glass” slides on wooden sliders, plus backdrop cards and four lighting presets. Authentic style, carefully modelled from original reference materials. Just load it with iClone.

High-quality textures (scanned from original old books) mean it looks good in close-up. Ready to film!

Set up with three backdrops, for a three-act mini-play.

Selected characters and sliders as ready-positioned iProps. Plus one empty wooden slider.

My original character cut-outs and alpha channels, from Tenniel’s famous Alice illustrations.

All textures including the character cut-outs, for alteration by you in Photoshop if needed. I have included a blank stage backdrop.

Just 24,000 faces. No need to worry about adding more elements to the scene.

Four lighting presets. Five camera positions.

Royalty-free for use in video or games.

Extra bonus prop — the mysterious “ancient play-book”.

Project ideas:

A simple storytelling animation could be made with very young children. No complex animations to worry about, just record audio and then slide the sliders so your film fits the dialogue. Make a magical video DVD present for grandparents!

You might want to replace the Alice characters with other Victorian-era die-cut characters, to play out other stories such as fairy stories or animal stories.

Convert the theatre into your own customised “gothic horror” or “steampunk surrealism” video artwork!

Use as an introduction to a story, in which the paper theatre characters magically “come alive” in 3D!

Use to grab the interest of school children, prior to teaching about the history of children’s theatre and puppetry.

Use popVideo Converter 2 and a green-screen to put your children on the stage. Put on a magical miniature Christmas pantomime!

Use as one element of a historical costume drama or ghost story. Use Clone Bone to make old-fashioned puppet characters for iClone?

As an opening titles / credits sequence / intro voice-over sequence for your video.

A visual accompaniment to children’s poetry.

Use as part of a point-and-click videogame. Through the use of clickable hotspots it could be made into a puzzle?

Make an entertaining foyer video for a Victorian-era heritage center, gallery or museum. Perhaps showing your museum’s old children’s characters (dolls, die-cuts, puppets, children in paintings etc) as animated cut-outs?

Click the pictures for full-size versions.

21 thoughts on “DONATE: Alice’s Theater

  1. Sure, Trish. iClone is a 3D animation software. Up until now that sort of expensive 3D software has taken days or even weeks to build up the frames needed for an animation. It has to place each and every pixel on the screen and work out how to bounce each and every ray of light off the scene. But iClone does all that instantly, because it uses a videogame engine and the user’s PC graphics card to do all the heavy-lifting required to make a 3D animation. It’s affordable too, and very usable – a lot of it is drag-and-drop. The Alice Theater can be animated quite easily.

  2. Hola.
    Me encanta tu prouesta de alicia. Soy musico y tengo guiones para confeccionar
    Cuentos Musicales, imágenes para mostrar música clasica, animadas como mejor creas conveniente. Música clasica que se puede ver, además de oir, para todas las edades. Necesito un socio que ponga la parte visual.
    Tengo varios guiones e incluso derechos cedidos de libros ilustrados, listos para animar, sea con el estilo que sea.
    Visita mi pagina. Acabo de estrenar un concierto-proyeccion, con una pelicula de dibujos animados. Con ayuda podriamos confeccionar muchos conciertos con proyecciones.

    Tengo serios problemas con mi ordenador y tambien con la cuenta de paypal, pero me gustaría ver un ejemplo de como se ve el cuento de Alicia. Tienes algún video de como queda el resultado?

    Tienes instalado google traductor?




    I love your Alice Theater. I’m a musician and I have scripts to make musical scores, classical music to help display pictures, animated as you best see fit. Classical music can be seen, as well as heard, for all ages. I need a partner to make the visuals. I have several scripts and even the rights to certain picture books, ready to cheer, either with the style that is.

    Visit my site. I just released a concert-projection with a cartoon movie. With some help I could do a lot of concerts with projections.

    I have serious problems with my computer and also with my Paypal account, but I would like to see someone example make a story with the Alice Theater.

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  4. Nothing to do with your wonderful puppet theater, but becouse we share same love for puppet theater, maybe you would like to see my version (a CrazyTalk Animator short). Hope you will like it.

    • Tom, that was a beautiful job. Loved the clarity and detail. Very engaging indeed, and even more impressive you did it with CTA. The eye and mouth movement on the mask was impeccable.

      • Thank you, Brett. I love to work in CrazyTalk, so I had to try something with the Animator version. This software still needs many improvements, but it is a lot of fun to use. Very glad that you like it.

  5. Just viewed your donation Alice Theater project today in iClone 5, and I have to say that it was amazing. Such clarity in detail. Its almost like I’m looking at a real toy from the past. I cant wait to figure out how to use iClone, just to use your beautiful project. And the icing on the cake was the low price.

    All I need now, is something akin to the ‘old timey’ Carnival layout for Daz 3D.

  6. I’ve got a entree going into the 2011 TMU Halloween fest, in which this theater figures prominently…

    Many thanks for the model, and keep up the good work.

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