Big bundle of 500 freebies for CrazyTalk Animator 2

To celebrate the new release of CrazyTalk Animator 2, and to help boost the meagre amount of content availble for it, here’s a mega .zip with my old OddJob freebies inside. Containing:

* The 340 odd professional backgrounds / backdrops / backplates I extracted from the OddJob Jack assets.

* All 160 or so professional props and animated props I extracted, and converted to CrazyTalk Animator, from the OddJob Jack assets.

Download (88Mb)

All Odd Job Jack assets and files are licensed as: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic. If you use, or distribute, these please credit: Smiley Guy Studios and the artists of Odd Job Jack.

Usage: Extract the .zip files, copy all folders, and then paste to… C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\CrazyTalk Animator 2 Custom\

The Share Send download link will last as long as it lasts. Given the amount of foul-mouthed abuse that poured into this blog’s comments, once a few Share Send links for my iClone and CTA freebies became broken through disuse, I’m not inclined to spend time on re-uploading freebies. I’m just making this one exception, in order to help along the fortunes of the excellent CrazyTalk Animator 2 — and perhaps help push it along to a version 3.


2001 – the post

To celebrate the 2001st post on the MyClone blog, what better than a pleasing little low-poly 16k personal spaceship? From a Blender model by Amiacs, converted for iClone 5…


Download here

iClone 4 Pro, free

iClone 4 Pro, free on the cover-disk of 3D Artist issue 51.



3DXchange 5.4

Reallusion has announced the nearly-ready 3DXchange 5.4, which will include rigging for facial animation with lip-sync — and also support for animatable DAZ face morphs(!). Sounds fab, and although it’s still “in the testing phase” it should be available in the first quarter of 2013…

“With this new release, not only will we support facial bone animation from any head rig, but we will also support morph-based facial animations made in DAZ, ZBrush and other 3D sculpting tools. In addition, you will be able to create sophisticated morph + bone rig animations with great results.”

It’s my understanding that this was always going to be a free upgrade for existing 3DXchange 5 users?

Also, accompanying the announcement are previews of some fabulous looking new characters, from what seems to be a forthcoming “Big Game Hunter” set…




The Boy Who Shuddered, from the Brothers Grimm – free audio book

My 22 minute reading of the short tale “The Boy Who Shuddered” (aka “The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear”), from the famous 1812 book of folk tales transcribed by the Brothers Grimm. My abridged and adapted audio book version is now on, under a Creative Commons licence. Feel free to use for animation etc. The downloadable MP3 has none of the slight crackle that the audio in’s Flash preview player has.


Water village freebie

A new iClone 5 freebie. A new water-village on stilts, made by Daniel74 in just 64k polys and released on Blendswap. Converted by me for iClone 5, and packed as a project file.


Download here.


iClone 4 Pro for free

The UK’s 3D World magazine has a free download and licence for iClone 4 Pro, with its latest issue (Feb 2013), plus a tutorial pitching it as a pre-vis tool…



As usual, their picture-editor seems to have chosen the most unimpressive shots possible to illustrate the software.


Bottle ovens set for iClone

Here’s a rather obscure freebie. I’ve made a set of Victorian-era bottle oven props for iClone. They’re structures which were used for the large-scale baking of pottery, in great ceramics cities like Stoke-on-Trent and elsewhere. These are just basic 3D props and as such are meant for middle and far distance use, not close-ups. For non-commercial use only, please.


Download here.


A little sketchy

Repaired the dead download link for my free “sketch” iClone project file. This is set up and lit to give you one of the best b&w “finished sketch” effects in iClone 5…


PC Pro – Jan 2013

The latest issue of the UK’s venerable PC Pro magazine (Jan 2013) has iClone 4.2 Pro lurking inside on a free cover-disk. I saw it on a news-stand and as far as I could tell from the page blurb, it’s a genuinely full version.


iClone – it’s dynamite!

A classic bundle of dynamite sticks with fuses, newly modelled for Blender by Thomasf95. Converted for iClone by me. Poly-reduced from 160,000 to 29,000 polys, and re-textured.

Download it here


Muvizu illuminated…

The new release of Muvizu is available, in the usual 450Mb download. This new edition features a new optional German-translation of the interface, for those in Germany. Plus new content packs for Prisons and Railroads.

There’s also now a free set of 23 handy lighting presets


Ancient Venus for iClone

Free ancient statue iClone prop, which I extracted, poly-reduced to 29k, smoothed, and re-textured — all from Zuendholz’s free Blender scene

Modelled after the ancient Venus figurines made from about 35,000 to 11,000 years ago.



Tears of Steel mattes at 1920px

1920px background mattes that I’ve extracted from the open movie “Tears of Steel”, Photoshopping out the characters if needed. Creative Commons Attribution: credit the “Blender Foundation”…


Vintage sea-plane freebie for iClone

My freebie conversion of an anonymous Sketchup 3D Warehouse model of a classic explorer’s sea-plane, to iClone 5. Converted from zillions of polgons down to just 43k, textured, removed the propellers so that you can fit your own and animate them spinning.

Download here (10 Mb)



New official Muvizu tutorial, on getting Sketchup files to Muvizu, using a free plugin for Sketchup… specifically on importing them with collision properties…


Open Tourque

The Torque game engine is going open source, under an MIT licence. Although it seems to be just the source code, rather than any content assets which might ship with the engine?


New version of Muvizu

New version of Muvizu, available now

* Upgraded Heroes & Villains asset packs … brand new animations … sets and environments including…

– Cityscape rooftops
– Sewers
– Dojos
– Creepy caves

* User interface (UI) now available in Portuguese, French and Italian.

* Upgrades to the animation engine … [cures] memory leak issues, bugs and general performance problems.