Friday Funny: “It’s a wheel!”

DJ/artist re-invents iClone…

“This is a basic demonstration of an upcoming product I’m working on. I like to call it “Live Animation” in that you animate in real time with no delays on previewing the work. You can scroll to any point in the animation, start recording, and make changes. Those changes will be shown and recorded in real-time.”

Friday funny: a cherpumple

To make a cherpumple make cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie, all baked within separate cakes, then assemble them together into a single cake. Then coat with sugar icing. A food fit for animators!

  [ Hat-tip: CC image by Marshall Astor ]

Friday Funny: Kong

German illustrator Kong carries a pair of toon eyes around with him, and uses then to toonify urban objects. Of course, iClone users could do this with a photo, some virtual eyeballs, and a little care with the lighting so as to match the original photo… and with CrazyTalk you could also get them talking…

Toon lights

Can’t get enough toon from the new toon-shading in iClone 5? Need some ‘toon’ in the real world, like in your apartment? Just fit some hexalights, specially designed to fool the eye into thinking they’re from a 2D cartoon…