I now have Skype, sort of…

Finally, I got around to installing Skype for the first time. Skype name: futurilla

Since there seems to be Skype experts reading MyClone, can I pick you brains please? Why is my headset microphone so low/quiet? It’s only about ten percent of the volume it needs to be. Here are my Skype / Windows 7 settings…

The microphone jack-plug is plugged into the blue socket on my Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound-card, the one with the little microphone symbol next to it…

I hear nothing unless I tick the “Microphone: Boost +20dB” box in the Windows settings.

I’m back!

Hurrah! I’m back from my busman’s holiday. In which I put aside the animating, and did something I’m actually good at — writing. Over the summer I produced five short books on H.P. Lovecraft, including the new novella Crusoe : the Macabre Later Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Crusoe returns to his island to find Lovecraftian horror, death, madness, deadly dreams, mad priests, inter-dimensional horrors, fiendish mazes, and much more!


If you’re interested in the writer H.P. Lovecraft, I’ve started a new blog which I’ve been pump-priming over the last few days: Tentaclii. Scroll down the front page for 100+ freshly-found links, which have been categorised to provide a comprehensive up-to-date survey of ‘Lovecraft on the web’ in 2010. Tentaclii will only be an “occasional” blog, after the initial flurry of posts to get it started.

A month of Wolf & Dulci

Hurrah! The last month of Wolf & Dulci shows are now available for download. 24th May, 31st May, 7th June, and 14th June 2010.

In one of these (7th June?) I win an iClone 4 Standard licence in the APE, with my iClone commercial. I was thinking of using this prize to attract entrants to my own first competition. I had a couple of ideas… “Best short storytelling movie which uses only my Ryzom conversions” or “Best short movie which illustrates a young child narrating a dream they had”. Any opinions?

iFind! 2.0

I’ve updated iFind!, my custom search-engine. It only searches the content of the pages and websites on my sidebar links. iFind! now searches over 260 pages and sites (the old version had 160).

You can use all the standard Google search modifiers — such as intitle:keyword which will find pages that only have your keyword in their title.

If you want to limit your results to just iClone stuff, just add keywords such as iClone, 3DXchange, or Reallusion, at the end of your search keywords.

New month, new look

May’s a comin’ in, and it’s spring-cleaning time. Out with the old (nice but a bit glaringly white, in terms of watching videos and looking at stills) and in with the new darker look…

The body font (Droid Serif) is not quite so easy to read as before, but since MyClone is mostly about short-form posts + pictures blogging I hope it won’t inconvenience too many people. And I assume that many readers will be keeping abreast of the posts via their RSS readers and/or Machinifeed.