del Toro on storytelling

Guillermo del Toro on storytelling (warning: major plot spoilers for Rise of The Guardians)


Wolf and Dulci Hour – podcastibles wanted

The iClone radio podcast The Wolf and Dulci Hour has a big anniversary show next week (9th April 2012) and W&D would…

“love to get some audio clips from our beloved audience to share! Please provide an audio recording (be sure to state your name in the clip) explaning the statement: “How the Wolf & Dulci Hour has changed my life”. It sure would mean a lot to us! Your answer can be serious, silly, fun, thought-provoking… anything at all. Email your response to dulcineatmo -at-

Justice for Hire and CrazyTalk

I must have missed this one. From summer 2011, a mini-interview with Zach Shelton, creator of the motion comic Justice for Hire, on how using CrazyTalk enabled them to meet their deadlines…

A much lengthier podcast on the “making of…” this motion-comic has just been posted as Talksplode #51 – Justice For Hire and includes some additional chat with John Martin at Reallusion.