If you’re interested in the writer H.P. Lovecraft, I’ve started a new blog which I’ve been pump-priming over the last few days: Tentaclii. Scroll down the front page for 100+ freshly-found links, which have been categorised to provide a comprehensive up-to-date survey of ‘Lovecraft on the web’ in 2010. Tentaclii will only be an “occasional” blog, after the initial flurry of posts to get it started.

iFind! 2.0

I’ve updated iFind!, my custom search-engine. It only searches the content of the pages and websites on my sidebar links. iFind! now searches over 260 pages and sites (the old version had 160).

You can use all the standard Google search modifiers — such as intitle:keyword which will find pages that only have your keyword in their title.

If you want to limit your results to just iClone stuff, just add keywords such as iClone, 3DXchange, or Reallusion, at the end of your search keywords.

Indie Game

Indie Game: the movie, now fully crowd-funded and with a website just launched…

“Indie Game: The Movie is a feature documentary about video games, their creators and the craft. It examines independent game developers as a way to understand the medium and the theory behind video games. Throughout, the film focuses on the human side of the creative process, and the connections between game and game-maker. Indie Game: The Movie will be released Spring 2011.”

Speaking of Animation

Five frank “marketing-speak free” podcast interviews with major animators, over at Speaking of Animation

“Richard sat down with us to discuss his role as the animation director on the film and to answer all of our questions about the animation process on Avatar. He also gave us a brief back story on his amazing work on The Iron Giant [ and ] animating Gollum on The Lord of the Rings

It’s an amazing story. From being a manual labourer in Dublin, getting onto an animation course without a portfolio because they had a spare place — to animating on Avatar.