3DXchange 5 Pro Pipeline – tutorial videos

A new roster of tutorial videos for 3DXchange 5’s Pro Pipeline version:

* Applying Motions from iClone to Characters in Daz Studio

* Importing iClone Content to Unity 3D

* Applying Motions from iClone to 3DS Max CS Biped Characters

* Importing iClone Standard Characters to Maya

* Export of a BVH Motion From iClone to DAZ Studio 4

iClone video tutorial – basic facial animation and lip-sync

A useful new 12 minute video tutorial on facial animation and lip-sync in iClone 5… including the vital “second pass” of puppeteering that adds the subtle eye movements…

“In this easy-to-follow facial animation tutorial, you will learn about all of the powerful features of iClone’s facial puppet and other animation tools that can help you bring your character’s expression and speech to life. You’ll get a walkthrough of audio lip-syncing and how to refine it, as well as how to add emotion to it using the various facial animation options.”

New 3DXchange 5 Pro video tutorial

Reallusion has posted yet another 3DXchange 5 Pro video tutorial…

This one shows how to get the free bonus Templar Knight character (it comes with 3DXchange 5) into 3DXchange with external BVH motions, and then how to output a proper iClone character with a motion Perform menu.

If you’re trying this on less helmet-y characters then keep in mind that the facial animation capabilities don’t arrive until we get the $499 “Pipeline” version of 3DXchange 5, due in June.

Paint your hair

Are you finding that iClone’s hair styles are not satisfactory, for your still renders for comics or illustrations? Need to paint over them? Damage Inc. has just posted a excellent new 35-minute tutorial, showing how to add hair to your 3D CG render by painting it in with Adobe Photoshop…

List of the new 3DXchange 5 video tutorials

Reallusion’s detailed usage video tutorials, for the new 3DXchange 5 release:

Working With Motions:

1. Adjusting the T-Pose for Ideal Motion Results and Converting External Motions without a Preset T-Pose

2. Batch Motion Conversion

3. Importing BVH Motions to iClone via Daz Studio

4. Importing FBX Motions to iClone via 3DS Max

4. Refining Motions with the 3DXchange to iClone AppLink

Unusual Methods of Character Construction:

1. Converting an iClone Prop into a Character

2. Importing Custom Bone Rig Characters into iClone