Free iClone models

These are models I’ve converted from free and open sources, for Reallusion’s iClone. I’ve used 3DXchange, MeshLab, 3DS Max, Blender, Photoshop and various other tools.

Those unfamiliar with the .7z zip file format may need to install the excellent open-source 7-zip.

(Attention users of Norton Security software: for some reason your software thinks any link to the SendShare service is “malicious”. But SendShare is just a simple free file-sharing service, like all the others.)

You may also like to look at my dedicated Ryzom conversions page, offering 100s of my free fantasy/sci-fi conversions for iClone.

The “Greenwood” pack (30Mb, .7z zip file) for iClone.

I’ve scoured 3D Google Warehouse for the very best 3D and 2D trees available, and then rigorously tested them for iClone. I’ve also textured or re-textured them if needed, and then saved as new props.

Click for a larger version.

Pack of converted models from WorldForge (34Mb, .zip file).

The best models from the open source WorldForge art assets repository. A magnificent cathedral (119,000 faces) — plus cave system, fallen skeleton, coastal boat, cart, tree, and shattered tower.

Click for a larger version.

Converted Yo! Frankie props (7Mb, .zip file).

A pack of iClone props converted from the free 3D platform-game demo for Blender, Yo Frankie. I’ve retextured a couple of them. They’re all very low-poly.

Click for a larger version.

Set of 30 iLight presets for iClone (800kb, .zip file).

All created by me while learning iClone. Just unpack and then copy the folder into: C:\Users\Public\Documents\
Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom\Light

And I later made a second free set.

H.P. Lovecraft pack 1: buildings + distant buildings + large-scale scenes (85Mb, .zip file).

Part 1 of 500Mb of 3D Warehouse model conversions for adaptations of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. This iClone props pack has a variety of buildings (several with full interiors). Also a folder with buildings, shorelines and structures suitable for “distant and/or brief views”. Rextextured by me, where required. Polygon-counts have been kept as low as possible.

Credits and previews.

H.P. Lovecraft pack 2: clutter + domestic items (51Mb, .zip file) plus graveyard construction kit (25Mb, .zip file).

Part 2 of 500Mb of 3D Warehouse model conversions for adaptations of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. This iClone props pack has a wide variety of Lovecraftian clutter of all sorts, and a large selection of domestic items including several ‘ancient artefacts’. Many items have been retextured by me. Polygon-counts have been kept as low as possible.

Credits and previews.

H.P. Lovecraft pack 3: monsters + tools + vehicles (33Mb, .zip file).

Part 3 of 500Mb of 3D Warehouse model conversions for adaptations of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. This iClone props pack has tentacled monsters (static, rotate them to suggest animation), a variety of tools including a revolver, and an excellent 1920s “prison van” and a superb old steamboat. Polygon-counts have been kept as low as possible.

Credits and previews.

A free television studio set (3.2Mb, .7z file) for iClone.

A late-night girly “chat and songs” TV show. Just 45,000 faces as a ready-lit Project file, with preset cameras. The free 3D Warehouse models I’ve used should make this set free for any use, even commercial.

Click for a larger version.

An assembled and parented Steam Owl (5Mb, .7z zip file).

68,000 polys total. Free for non-commercial use. I’ve also included the separate .vns prop parts if you wanted to try to create a CloneBone model from them. Original model by Mille, free and licensed for free non-commercial use.

Click for a larger version.

An “Air Blimp” (19Mb, .7z file).

Jasper Morello-style airship. Project file for iClone, 60,000 faces. I added new parented propellers by “GUN3Y”, also from Google 3D Warehouse. These should spin if you can add the right effect.

Click for a larger version.

Sinbad the Ogre, with animations (15mb, .zip file)

Just 8,000 faces. Originally a Creative Commons release by Zi Ye, then converted with animations by LFA. There are 12 motions. Textures, and my original animation-bearing FBX file are also included. Separate sword, and compatible props.

Click for a larger version.

A sci-fi jumpgate project (4Mb, .7z file) for iClone.

Made by combining three free models from the SolCommand range of props made for his sci-fi game Miner Wars. 16,000 faces, packaged as a project file. The background photo is by a NASA probe.

Click for a larger version.

Three sets of conversions of the open-source Blender movies assets (14Mb .7z file).

All included in Project files. ‘Desert-style’ tree not included. Assets are from Big Buck Bunny (rabbit’s hole), Sintel (nomadic hut) and Elephant’s Dream (med bay).

Click for a larger version.

CloneBone “Rustoid” : Robotic Diving Suit (17Mb, .zip file).

Made with the Google 3D Warehouse “Robotic Diving Suit” made by FiendCracker. I’ve retextured and remapped in places, and also added glow-maps on the suit lights.

Click for a larger version.

All the useful “plain” textures from the Ryzom torrent (90Mb .7z zip file).

I went through every folder in the 13Gb Ryzom torrent grabbing the useful plain (i.e.: “non model-specific”) tiling textures. Also some of the sky-dome textures, some alpha maps, and handful of unusual textures. Some near duplicates have been removed, and ended up with a pack of over 860 professional game textures. The textures were dropped into a new set of logically-named and descriptive folders, for ease of use with drag-and-drop texturing of iClone models. The set is particularly strong on natural environments and organics.

Get DAZ Studio, free: 3D creation, content, and community.

Yes, even more freebies!

Epic Mountain Castle.

Fish of the World pack.


Two large hot air balloons.

Flash Gordon Rocket ship.

Large Teutonic Fortress.

New! Added August 2010 – February 2011:.

Graveyard construction kit

Rigged T.Rex dinosaur

Tron for iClone: pack one; pack two; pack three; pack four; pack five; pack six + my Tron matte. Rigged Tron character for iClone.

Steampunk Spider (animated)

Sci-fi Greebles

Future airships

See-thru curtain for iClone

Robot with walk-cycle (animated)

Sintel props and scenes pack for iClone (with useful moon cut-out).

Sintel textures and mattes pack

Medieval Executioner for iClone (rigged)

Lizard Man for iClone

Shark (rigged)

Alien Gun-Ship

Steampunk door

George Pal’s Time Machine for iClone

Five free ‘soundtrack’ music loops by me

New! Added March 2011 – April 2011:.

12 City Backdrops, Creative Commons

Second pack of my lighting presets for iClone

Animated Anubis character

Miyazaki/steampunk-style plane

Dripping bank of candles

BoneCo’s creepiers chracters for iClone

Basic ‘distant view’ sheep

3D Warehouse Rayguns modelling challenge pack

Low-poly steampunk airship

Earth-from-space, and rotating Moon

Steampunk goggles for iClone

The Old Marshwater Distillery

New! Added April 2011 – Summer 2011:.

Steampunk drafting station and Time Machine 2

Earth from orbit background (royalty free for iClone use)

Animated Zombie

Sixth pack of Tron props for iClone

Forest fern

Read the latest MyClone blog posts for more!

31 thoughts on “Free iClone models

  1. I found your site for the first time yesterday. I only had time to glance at it. I was so impressed with its quality, that I donated last night – and then came back today to thoroughly investigate. It is fantastic.

  2. Thank you for your freebies. They are wonderful. As I can’t draw, these are very useful. I’ve already used your epic_castle.

    Thank you again!!


  3. Hello, I like your site. And, of course, all the freebies! Thank you 🙂 I have donate with PayPal for the Alice in Wonderland toy theater.

  4. Hello there, I have download some freebies – but I don’t know how to get them in iClone. Does anyone know?

    Laurentius from the Netherlands.

  5. @ Laurentius

    Most freebies are props. You put them in your Custom Props folder. Most people will find this under…

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom

  6. Hey, guys!!! You’re doing really useful and very creative things!! Thank you very much for your butterfly and forest models, there are no such models on the Internet except on your site!

  7. En primer lugar felicitar al creador de este sitio por toda la información y regalos que pone a disposición de todos. Exponer que he realizado la donación porque es mínima con todo lo que a cambio estamos consiguiendo. Aprovecho a realizar una petición necesitaba un dinosaurio acuático con movimientos libre, si alguien sabe de algun enlace. Muchas gracias.

    First I congratulate the creator of this site for all information and the freebies made available to all. I made ​​the donation, because it is minimal thing to do for everything we’re getting in return. I also make a request – I require a free-moving aquatic dinosaur, if anyone knows of any link? Thank you very much.

  8. DAZ has a nice Plesiosaur and various others for their Hell’s Aquarium aquatic dinosaur set, but they are very expensive even individually. There are some free Plesiosaurs in the Sporepedia but they’re all quite toony, especially at the tail.

    My Ryzom export of the Clap-Claps is possibly the nearest you’re going to get for free, with iClone…


  9. Hi, I have one question… 😦 Can I convert iClone models to other 3D formats? For instance, export a character to obj, 3ds, dae… If yes, how can it be done?

  10. Yes, you can export iClone models using the extra software that Reallusion makes, called 3DXchange 4 Pro. It will not export to .dae or .fbx, though. Only to things like .3ds and .obj. I’m not sure what happens to the textures when you do that. I’ve never needed to try it.

  11. Thank you for all the wonderful freebies. Your web site is truly amazing, and you’ve some really fantastic things here. I bow down to you, oh great and wonderful iCloner. 🙂

  12. Great site…. I was looking around for hours… I was wondering if you’re going to get any gun props or machine guns or shot guns… you know what I mean. I am thinking of making a zombie movie, can you help me?

  13. Hi John, your best option is to go to Google 3D Warehouse, which has lots of such things for free. Download the models you like, then convert them for iClone with 3DXchange (it comes with iClone).

  14. I have been using the iClone trial for a couple of days now, and I was looking for a really top notch YouTube video of a finished iClone movie. The trial version blew my mind all over the computer screen, but I would like to see a complete movie made with the software. Am I missing something? Is there a website where proffessional machinimists gather to display their hard work?

  15. In reply to John:- Dulci’s account, CyberHermit, and the Machinima Expo people all do a great job of tracking interesting iClone movies and clips. You’ll also see them featured on the official Reallusion blog and the official 3D live video programme. For a great full-length iClone movie, see the recent “The Haunter of the Dark”, which won the Machinima Expo 2011.

  16. Does anyone have iClone 2, around? I have seen clips on you tube using iClone 2 that has captured my attention. I cannot use the newer version because my computer is somewhat outdated, and does not meet iClones’s requirements.

    Thanks in advance,


  17. I cannot thank you enough for your reply. However I must say that I logged on to Cnet and downloaded the link – but it only gave the newer version.

  18. Hi, these models look nice. What is the license? Can they be used royalty free in commercial projects?


  19. Eduardo, all my conversions are public domain or Creative Commons – download the models to get the readme with the details of the CC licence concerned.

    See the Reallusion website for the exact details of their content usage licence – it’s changed recently with the release of 3DXChange 5 Pro Pipeline edition.

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