Ryzom models for iClone

July 2011.

Ryzom is a major MMO fantasy/sci-fi videogame that had millions spent on developing it, but which went open-source in early May 2010. It freely released 13Gb of art assets inside a 1.3Gb torrent (also on SourceForge), which included everything except the music and sounds. The licence is Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0.

Some general guidance:

1). Textures are in PNG and are thus easy to preview with Windows Explorer. However, they are scattered all over the torrent’s folders. To save you time I have extracted and organised all the plain (i.e.: “non model-specific”) textures here (90Mb).

2). Since 3DS Max .max files are impossible to visually preview, if you want to do your own conversions you’ll need some way of working out what the assets are, and how they should be textured. There is the Media Preview Website, which has a small number of thumbnail previews and some of these files even have linked texture assets. There is also the Ryzom Wiki which has pictures of the game-world objects and creatures, and all the original concept-art.

3) Note that all the torrent’s .max files have “lost” their texture paths. If you have 3DS Max you might be able to use this free MAXScript or one of the two NEL MAXScripts supplied by the Ryzom developers. These are supposed to re-link the textures to the models. None of these three scripts worked for me with 3DS Max 9, but you may have better luck. Why Max can’t simply package all required textures inside the .max file, like any sensible 3D application should, is beyond me.

4) My tutorial on extracting workable models for iClone is here, and the process involves re-texturing by hand. I also have a tutorial on getting animated FBX characters out from the .max files.

What have you extracted and converted so far, for iClone?

Below are over 200 models and 2D planes I’ve extracted so far, all intended for use in iClone. Some model elements have been removed by me as the models passed through 3DXchange 4 Pro, since they caused texture-flicker.

* Pack One:

Download here (8Mb, .zip file)

* Pack Two:

Download here (3Mb, .zip file)

* Pack Three:

Download here (4Mb, .zip file).

* Pack Four:

Download here (30Mb, .zip file).

* Pack Five:

Download here (5.5Mb, .zip file). It includes some floating “mushroom trees” that are apparently supposed to sit in and around the Ryzom floating village.

* Pack Six:

Mostly these are items useful for adding life to the floating village / port. I also converted an additional 3D Warehouse dhow boat made by Axeonalias — thanks to Wolf for tipping me off about that one.

Download here (12Mb, .zip file)

* Pack Seven:

Download here (18Mb, .zip file)

* Pack Eight:

Three fantasy “giant mossy roots” static models from Ryzom. Very low-poly, so with a little rotation and duplication you should get a Fangorn Forest in no time. With an additional pack of seasonal texture-folders for each root, for retexturing.

Download here (800kb, .zip file) and you may also want the seasonal textures folders for each bigroot (6Mb, .zip file)

* Floating village / port:

A complete floating village / port for iClone, in just 33,000 faces. It’s packed as an iProp, and also as a basic ready-lit and flooded Project file. There was no way to remove the windmills so that they could rotate when animated. Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike.

Download here (26Mb, .zip file).

There are also a number of extras/packs for the Floating Village, one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. In July 2010 I combined all elements into one mega project file with full set-dressing and lighting.

* Desert Town (Fyros) for iClone:

Download here (16Mb, .zip file). Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike.

* Steam Baths for iClone:

Very low-poly, at just 8,500 for the whole interior. Done as an iClone Project file. The pack includes the texture folder, if you want to retexture.

Download here (14Mb, .zip file)

* The Ryzom “2D cut outs”. These are ones that looked useful and didn’t have edge-fringing issues, and have been converted to be billboard props for iClone with transparency intact. These are not 3D models, these are just 2D cut-outs suitable for the far distance – or scaled down small as detail in a scene.

Download here (3mb, .zip file)

* All the useful plain (i.e.: “non model-specific”) tiling textures. I’ve gone through every folder in the 13Gb Ryzom torrent, ripping them out. I also pulled out some of the sky-dome textures, and some useful-looking alpha maps, and a handful of unusual/unique textures. Some very-near duplicates have been removed, but I still ended up with a pack of over 860 professional game textures in less than 100Mb. The textures were dropped into a new set of logically-named and descriptive folders, for ease of use with drag-and-drop texturing of iClone models. The set is particularly strong on natural environments and organics.

Download here (90Mb .7z zip file)

Animated Characters? Animals?

Some of the animals seem worth converting, but they’re generally tricky. I’ve so far converted two (animated) and some clap-claps (animated).

I’ve also converted the Gibbai and some types of Kami, as part of my major Ryzom “Earth Spirits” pack for iClone.

I’ve also converted one of the humanoid “Karavan” figures…

Download here (6Mb, .7z file)

Click the picture for a larger version.

Click the picture for a larger version.

15 thoughts on “Ryzom models for iClone

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  4. Hello, and thank you for the informative tutorials on converting Ryzom assets. We are looking into using them in an educational project with Unity, and I was wondering if you still have and would be willing to share the intermediary FBX files you extracted?

    In any case, thanks again for the helpful information.

  5. I was mostly looking at the Earth Spirits pack and the Karavan figure. It would be nice to see how viable the converted animations are in Unity, and also give my students some working examples for future conversions. Really anything in the pack would be great.

    I was also interested in the various settlement decoration props in your Pack 4 – boxes, pots, tents – again, anything would be great to bootstrap our efforts if you already have them handy.

    Thanks again.

  6. Ah, the first thing I did was check an archive for FBXs. Must have been a prop pack. Sorry about that, and thanks once more!

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