iClone historical clothing list

Chronological list of iClone historical clothing / characters, available at June 2011:

Stone Age / Ice Age

Ancient Greece (civilians) and Gods of Olympus

Biblical Apostles and Biblical Couple

Ancient Egyptian princess and handmaidens and couple

Roman plebs and Soldiers and Roman Legionary and Roman Centurions

Vikings (alt)


Buddha and Buddhist Monks

Tribal Africa (alt)

Classical Arabia (alt) and Sheik

Japanese geisha girl (alt and alt and alt) and Emperor and Dojo


Arabian Nights and Arabian Dancer

Ancient China

Medieval Venice

Early Medieval Ladies

Medieval peasantry and Peasant Girl

Medieval nobility and courtiers

Medieval Lord

Medieval Blacksmith and Monk and Artisan

Crusader Knight and retainers

Mongol China

Classic gypsy band and ragged peasant girl and busty serving girl

Elizabethan England (alt), Elizabethan Collection and free courtiers

Shakespearean actor

Shogun Japan

The 100 Years War

17th Century French court

17th Century ‘Witchhunter’ boots


Jacobean Scotland

Colonial America

Jane Austen style dress

British Empire soldiers and The Great Game

Indian Classical Dress and Indian Classical Bride

18th Century gowns

18th Century Spain

1880s America

Scottish laird

Victorian funeral

Wild West, Gold Rush guy, and Saloon Stumpet

American Indians, more, and pack

American Civil War

Mexican Bandito

Russia before the revolution

Late Victorian girls

Late Victorian Decadents

19th Century butler

Sherlock Holmes

Victorian upper-classes

Edwardian Girls

1910s Paris

Titanic pack

1920s Flappers

1920s Sailor

1920s Housemaid

1920s Old folks

1920s British middle class

English foxhunters

1920s Shanghai

Prohibition Gangsters

1937 Civilians

Second World War in Europe

British Airmen, 1940s and British Home Front forces, 1940s

Women of the Second World War

1940s Women in Wartime Work

1940s char-woman

Smart 1940s women

1950 American teenagers and rocker

1970s hippy and teenyboppers


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