My Tutorials

My tutorials and mini-tutorials, mostly for iClone:


1. Automatically make 2D cut-out props for iClone.

2. Set a temporary limb root during motion editing of non-standard characters in iClone.

3. Get iClone’s manual as a $19 printed book.

4. Use Meshlab to reduce the poly-count of static props.

5. Enable real-time stereo-3D preview in iClone’s Editor mode.

6. Making of… Spacetastic.

7. How to schedule recordings of Wolf & Dulci outside of the USA.

8. Smoothing game/low-poly models inside 3DXchange 4.

9. iClone DirectX graphics mod, from Tom Jantol.

10. Search both iClone content folders for a filename.

See also: What’s New in iClone 5?

Spore to iClone:

1. A viable Spore to iClone pipeline, using Maya 2010.

2. A viable Spore to iClone pipeline, using 3DS Max 2009.

3. How to record HD-quality Spore videos.

Morrowind and Oblivion to iClone:

1. Ten steps to extracting assets from Morrowind and Oblivion, converting for iClone.

Making usable videogame footage:

1. How to crop a video (i.e.: remove HUD elements from FRAPS video capture).

Getting characters from DAZ to iClone:

1. How to install and use the DAZ Digimi Game Developer Kit.

Getting art assets from the open-source Ryzom to iClone:

1. Ryzom to iClone prop conversion.

2. Ryzom to iClone character conversion, with animations.

SketchUp for iClone:

1. How to break a SketchUp model apart, to just get a part of it into iClone.

CrazyTalk Animator:

1. Getting Inkscape’s SGV graphics to SWF for Crazy Talk Animator


1. How to get an RSS newsfeed from Google 3D Warehouse.

2. Reducing dialogue sibilance using Cool Edit Pro

3. How to use Photoshop Extended to apply Photoshop filters to all frames in a video clip.

4. Endorphin BVH to iClone BVH.

2 thoughts on “My Tutorials

  1. Thank you so very much on your tutorial for export from Daz Studio to 3DXchange. “Bake to Studio Keyframes” – this information is missing from every tutorial I have watched and read for the past week. Now I have a working import pipeline to 3DXchange. Finally!

    Thanks again, Fred.

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