Carnivorous plant for iClone

3dFoin’s Elongata is now available for iClone for $19 (with animations), at 3Dfoin.

I’d love to see Foin tackling a full set of the original H.P. Lovecraft monsters (Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Old Ones, Shoggoths, Azathoth, Mi-Go, Ghouls, Night Gaunts, etc) sometime, since they’re now all in the public domain. I’m sure they’d sell, especially at Halloween.

Free Robot Dog for iClone

Here’s a free non-standard character I converted for iClone, a cool Robot Dog. Supplied as the base FBX, the iClone Project file with posed tail, and the actual Avatar. It should also be able to be rigged in 3DXchange 5 Pro, depending on what base creature skeleton you want it to have…

Download here

Thanks to Linil for the Creative Commons Blender model that I converted this from.