Lovecraft competition – the winner

And the winner of my H.P. Lovecraft competition is… joster285. Congratulations! The licences for iClone 4 Pro, 3DXchange 4 Pro, and CrazyTalk 6 Pro are on the way to him. They’re ones that I won in the architectural competition a while back, but didn’t need.

It was a very difficult choice, but there was only one prize to give. Here’s his pitch to make a Lovecraft movie with iClone…

“I would adapt ‘From Beyond’. It’s quite an interesting tale about exploration and distorted reality. Of course, I’m familiar with the Stuart Gordon film adaptation, though, but after making several Lovecraft adaptations with The Movies, I feel that iClone would be the best way to tell the story. I would do the movie in the style of a psychological thriller with minimum dialogue. For visuals, when Tillinghast and his assistant enter the alternative dimension, every time the scene switches camera angles, the color scheme will fade into a different color giving it a distorted feel.”