3DXchange 5 Pro preview

Just released, new official preview videos for the forthcoming 3DXchange 5 Pro. 3DXchange comes with iClone, although not in the most advanced version, and enables the conversion and import of 3D content so that it works with iClone.

* Import a Daz Character to iClone:

* Convert A Four-Legged Animal for iClone

* Convert Free Hierarchy Actors for iClone

* Import A 3DS Max Character to iClone

* Import Motion Builder Characters to iClone

* Import Maya Characters to iClone

The released date is slated for “early Q2 2012”, so hopefully is should be out sometime in April.


Friday funny: a cherpumple

To make a cherpumple make cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie, all baked within separate cakes, then assemble them together into a single cake. Then coat with sugar icing. A food fit for animators!

  [ Hat-tip: CC image by Marshall Astor ]