Free action movie motion

Tucked away at the end of your iClone Backstage freebie’s tab list, is this new free “action movie motion”. It’s a useful “hit from standing and falling backwards to floor” motion…

iFind! 2.0

I’ve updated iFind!, my custom search-engine. It only searches the content of the pages and websites on my sidebar links. iFind! now searches over 260 pages and sites (the old version had 160).

You can use all the standard Google search modifiers — such as intitle:keyword which will find pages that only have your keyword in their title.

If you want to limit your results to just iClone stuff, just add keywords such as iClone, 3DXchange, or Reallusion, at the end of your search keywords.


Some polished virtual movie-making for the promo videos of the newly released fan-project Nehrim

After four years of work by a small German team, it’s actually out, and is the successor to the highly acclaimed Arktwend total conversion. Nehrim is a free total conversion for the best-selling videogame Oblivion. And when they say total, they mean total

555,840 objects in 9,622 loading areas (levels) and is inhabited by 1,285 non-player characters, some of them friendly, others hostile. 1,616 scripts take care of offering the players enough variety in the 35-part main quest as well as in the about 30 side quests. In the German version, you can hear 56 professional voice actors, while the nearly 50 new and self-composed pieces of music can be enjoyed internationally. On top of that, there are a lot of new weapons, armours and spells. Referring to the testers, the game can hold you busy for about 40-50 hours.

And when they say free, they mean free. The 1.6Gb torrent for the German version is here (retail Windows copy of Oblivion needed). The English translation mod will be done “when it’s done”.